So Wake Up, You Living Gateways

It is no secret that I love the new Passion Translation that Brian Simmons has been been publishing. Though not without criticism from those who seem to think it’s their assignment to police Christendom for such works as the Passion Translation. Well anyway it doesn’t change my love for this refreshing look at the scriptures. It has renewed a HOLY SPIRIT driven desire to go deeper and just listen to quietly and soak in the presence of  GOD’S word. Look at the poetic beauty as King David praises God in Psalm 24:7-10…… You can sing this in a new song!  Sing out in the Spirit! Dance like David! Because it will always offend the spirit of accusation of the religious, but GOD just smiles in the pleasure at his sons and daughters knowing their identity. Yes and amen!   :  )>

PSALM 24:7-10 (TPT)

So wake up, you heavenly gateways!

Lift up your heads, you ageless doors of destiny!

Welcome the KING OF GLORY,

for he is about to come through you.

You ask, “Who is this GLORY-KING?”

The LORD armed and ready for battle,

the MIGHTY ONE invincible in every way!

So wake up, you living gateways, and rejoice!

Fling wide, you ageless doors of destiny!

Here he come; the KING OF GLORY is ready to come in.

You ask, “Who is this KING OF GLORY?”

He’s the LORD OF VICTORY, armed and ready for battle,

the MIGHTY ONE,  invincible COMMANDER of heaven’s host!

Yes, he is the KING OF GLORY!