I’m Letting Go – by Lindsey Denningham-Stapleton

A new song written by Lindsey Denningham-Stapleton and performed by Made For More…… M4M

Verse 1: 

All the lies I have convinced myself of

I evict you from my mind

I’m letting go of your hold on me

And I am running after of LOVE


I am letting go

To grab hold of you

Now I am letting go

Holding on to truth

Verse 2:

I refuse to play these mind games

All I’m seeking is the truth

My heart only wants this one thing

To fly above it all with you


By your strength I’m overcoming

All the lies that held me down

I’ve made my mind up

And I’m running to the one

Who is LOVE


I’ve got my mind made up

I won’t forget what you’ve done

I am propelled by YOUR love

I won’t give up this momentum!