I Hear His Whisper – Brian Simmons


“Walk with Me another day.”

I am the breath of life to you. When your eyelids fluttered open this day I was there to greet you. You are My new creation, the expression of My Being. Walk with Me another day. This will be a day of beauty and discovery. Pain will disappear when I am near. Greet what comes this day with holy expectancy, knowing that I am able to make you stand, true and faithful to Me.

The substance of your life is found in Me. Your life is to be full of wonder and awe as you come and worship before Me. The inspiration I give to you is My promise: You will not fall, you will not fail, you will stand in radiance, for I am the God of Grace and Power. Take My hand and walk with Me another day.

Only a few more steps, a few more days, and My glory will be unveiled before your eyes. What once was a mystery will become a marvel. Things you have asked of Me and pondered deep in your heart, will soon become reality.

Did you think I did not feel your pain, your grief? I am one with you, joined by Spirit and by Love. I will lift from you the deepest pain, the sorrow that cannot be told to another person, yet I will take it from you in the light of a new day. Come. Prepare your heart for the adventure of today. Take My hand and walk with Me another day.

Psalm 7:9-10 The Passion Translation

“For you are the righteous God, 

the Soul-Searcher,

Who looks deep into every heart

To examine the thoughts and motives.

God, your wrap-around presence

Is my protection, and my defense.

You bring victory to all 

who reach out for you.”


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