I Hear His Whisper….. Brian Simmons


“These are days of My cleansing grace”

I am cleansing you over and over and over–washing you in My love and soaking you in My grace. It is true that you are already clean, for the Word of God lives in you and brings forth fruit. But did I not wash My beloved disciples’ feet? Many times your thoughts need My cleaning fire to destroy the lies that seek to lodge in your heart. I will cleanse your thoughts until you will be fixed only on the ways of holiness and purity. I will wash the defilement from your feet until every place you stand will become holy. I set you apart to be fully Mine, and what is it that makes you fully Mine? A surrendered heart and a mind that will carry My thoughts and bring them in love to others.

The sifting of your motives will continue until your conscience is clean before Me. I desire purity, not only outwardly, but with every activity of your life as you walk with motives that are right. Whatever you do, do it as unto Me. Whatever you speak, speak it as the living truths of God. Be wise and alert to the deception that is the greatest deception of all–self deception.

As you go further into My holy paths you will see how I have placed truth deep inside you. Now walk in the truth of My love and your ways will be perfect before Me. You will not follow the crooked ways of using your gift for the admiration of others. You will lay down your crown, your gifts, your meager substance at My feet and I will make it holy. Even as I turned a serpent into the Rod of God for Moses, I will take crooked things within you and grace you with My authority and presence until even your weakness has become strength before Me.

You will not fail, for I am with you. And you will not stumble for I hold you close and omnipotence cannot be defeated. Move forward, set your eyes on Destiny, and I will bring it to pass. Others may stop on their journey and take steps of selfishness, but you, My holy one, you will walk and not faint or be distracted, for the prize of My glory is set before you. Come with Me and I will make you soar. Come with Me and I will make you faithful and true.

Job 5:19 The Passion Translation

“He will deliver you from trouble again and again. No matter what you go through He will rescue you, protecting you from injury.


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