Cracked ….?

Notes in case you didn’t get them all in yesterday’s message!:)

CenterPoint Church- Concord, NH

Notes From the 1.1.17 Message
Resolutions for a Life (1.1.17)
1. I resolve to trust God in ALL things
2. I resolve to share God’s grace and comfort with others
3. I resolve to not let Satan play the discouragement card in my life
4. I resolve not to miss heaven by 18 inches by focusing on building a heart of grace with the help of the Holy Spirit
5. I resolve to learn what Jesus did and then DO IT
6. I resolve to recognize that I am flawed (cracked) but also to know God’s light shines in those cracks
7. I resolve to follow Jesus and do what he did regardless of the consequences to self
8. I resolve to say “I’ll pray for you” less and replace it with “I’ll pray for you now” (including in emails and texts)
9. I resolve to be honest and to tell the truth with straightforward, honest, plain speech (Not telling the truth is not an option, but the timing of telling the truth is)
10. I resolve to love the Lord and choose life every day