When I speak of intimacy, I’m not necessarily speaking of human attraction between a husband and wife, but rather God’s creation or the gift God gives the man on so many levels. A gentle breeze on a summer day or the smell of fresh gentle rainfall, stopping to observe a beautifully sculpted statue or the brush strokes on a painting canvas. To me, intimacy can be something as simple as a perfect cup of coffee and the aroma it gives off while reading scripture or writing in my journal in the quiet early morning hours. What is intimacy? The definition given is the following; close familiarity, friendship, closeness, or a cozy private atmosphere. I like and can identify all of these definitions with, but honestly, as a father, at times, it’s not easy to attain or even find the time.

What does God say about intimacy? And why do we find it so difficult to do? These questions have always been an issue since Adam’s creation when, in Genesis, it says Adam walked with God in the dew of the morning. 

Then Adam and his wife heard the sound of Yahweh-God passing through the garden in the breeze of the day. So, they hid among the trees concealing themselves from the face of Yahweh-God.  Genesis 3:8 tPt 

 There’s a fascinating insight given in the Passion Translation about the “breeze of the day” (note:d). It says the implication is that God had been doing this daily, wanting friendship and intimacy with the newly created couple.

When man sinned in the garden, it set the entire human race on the trajectory of opposing God and forsaking any intimacy with him. It’s no different now where we fill that void with all types of distractions and try to deny there is a God at all. The apostle Paul writes; 

“In reality, the truth of God is known instinctively, for God has embedded this knowledge inside every human heart.”  Romans 1:19 tPt 

a generation crying out to be understood

We have a generation crying out to be understood, and deep down, looking for a true meaning of love that only a loving Abba Daddy can provide. Badly needed is the Daddy that comes running with a clean robe, ring, and loving embrace—giving a holy kiss that melts the heart of the lost son or daughter. It’s a supernatural love of the heavenly father that goes so deep into the heart and says, welcome home, my beloved child. Quick let’s celebrate my son’s return home, gathering everyone together to rejoice his homecoming. Such a picture of love Jesus shared about forgiveness, redemption, and restoring all that was lost.